Sweat, build strength, and work on challenging sequences. This intense practice will take place in a heated room 

All levels are welcome.



Move through a dynamic fast pace sequence that synchronizes breath with movement.

All levels are welcome

Ashtanga 1/2 Primary (N/A at this time)

Follow a specific sequence of posture linking breath to movement. In this class you will practice the 1/2 primary series of Ashtanga yoga. 


HIIT (N/A at this time)

This High Intensity Interval training  will really push you to your limit by alternating short periods of intense exercise with less intense for recovery period.



Sweat, gain flexibility and lose weight. Heated room 

All levels are welcome



Focus on breathing and alignment in this slow pace sequence .

All levels are welcome

KIDS YOGA (6-11 yr) 

Learn yoga poses and breathing techniques to strengthen their body and calm their mind. Practice mindfulness and play games to release stress

SCULPT (N/A at this time)

In this high intensity class you will use weights and other equipment to build muscle and tone.



Use free weights with a combination of yoga poses plus cardio to shred fat, build lean muscle, tone and strengthen your body. Room is heated 

All levels are welcome



Hold poses for deep stretch and improve flexibility

All levels are welcome

Teen (12+Yr) 

Learn yoga poses and breathing techniques and Practice mindfulness

PILATES (N/A at this time)

Strengthen your core and gain flexibility in this Pilates class