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Warrior One


Get ready for a challenging yoga session, build strength and flexibility in your body & mind, and work on your technique, arm balances and inversions with this fun class !

Intermediate Level

Fun at Yoga



Synchronize breath with movement in this fast pace sequence. You will move through a dynamic sequence of poses working on your strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility.

Intermediate level

Yoga Group Practice


In this class combine 2 styles of yoga. During the first half of the class you will move through a sweaty dynamic sequence of poses working on your strength, stamina, balance, and flexibility, then end with a gentle sequence of poses held longer to target the deep tissues, stretch, and calm the mind. This yoga practice will leave you feeling grounded, balanced, and calm.

All levels are welcome

Practicing Yoga



Practice a sequence of poses that will help you improve your balance and flexibility . The sequence is always the same and repeated. 

All levels are welcome

Pilates Stretches



In this class, learn the basics, move at a slow pace and Focus on breathing and alignment.

All levels are welcome

People stretching on mats


Move through a gentle yoga sequence for relaxation and stress relief. The goal of this class is to help you unwind, release body tensions, destress, reset and recharge  to start fresh. You will need  to bring 2 blocks and a strap, option to bring a bolster.

All levels are welcome




Use free weights with a combination of yoga poses plus cardio to  sculpt your body (shred fat, build lean muscle, tone and strengthen your body).

All levels are welcome

Child's Pose



In this class, you will target your deep tissues by holding gentle stretches for about 3-5 minutes for each pose to open up the body, move stagnant energy, remove tensions in the body, release stress in the mind and tap into the parasympathetic nervous system to relax. 

All levels are welcome

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